Explore the Beauty of Walden Peak Farm

Sitting atop Walden’s Ridge on the back Signal Mountain, Walden Peak Farm is a memorable 25 minute drive to the city of Chattanooga or town of Dunlap. We strive to create a unique event venue and aspiring education center. Wander into the beauty of our family farm, and If your lucky- pick some berries!

Our Mission

To Provide a Space for Families and The Community To Come Together.

Things To Do

Public Events

Public Events For Families and Community

Rent the timber frame pavilion with its beautiful farm surroundings. Available for weddings, family birthdays, corporate functions, and private celebrations such as anniversary’s or baby showers.

Enjoy Walden Peak Farm

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The Pavilion

Walden Peak Farm is an old 22 acre homestead atop Walden’s Ridge on the back of Signal Mountain. Handcrafted from the land, our 44×33 timber-frame pavilion provides a central gathering spot for your events equipped with two large private bathrooms with vanities and mirrors. Nestled behind an old family farmhouse, the pavilion is steps away from gardens and orchards. We grow a variety of perennial and annual flowers which provide a show of continuous blooms from spring to fall.

The Gardens

Just a short walk from the pavilion there are several gardens and orchards to explore. We grow a variety of perennial and annual flowers which provide a show of continuous blooms from spring to fall. Our herb and garden beds look more like flower beds from a distance! Patches of poppies popping in the spring, peonies busting blooms around mothers day, and coneflowers swaying in the breeze throughout the year. Yellow and pink yarrows are enchanting. Colorful gladiolas parade in show to our delight, and the sunflowers dazzle in the light. Bachelor buttons, coreopsis, zinnia’s and cosmos everywhere. Swamp Hibiscus, spearmint, passionflowers, and many more blooming things to enjoy- such as…. blackberries, blueberries, apples, pears and grapes, oh my!

The Farmhouse

The rustic 1908 farmhouse is provided Medium to large events. Used as a place of refuge, staging/storage, or just preparing for the special moments ahead. Two bathrooms are located in the pavilion, adjacent to the back of the farmhouse.

The Woods

Our woods venue is directly across the backfield from the pavilion. It is in a natural clearing, nestled in a grove of mature white oak trees, located next to springhead. The natural depression in the earth forms a bowl around this spot, highlighting this event location.